Haven Richardson is a nationally certified massage therapist, licensed in the State of Missouri, extensively trained in the techniques of precision neuromuscular reintegration technique (Bowen based), Thai Yoga massage, Craniosacral therapy, and trigger point release. Haven also practices varied massage techniques listed HERE. Haven has served on the Program Advisory Committee for Professional Massage Training Center, in Springfield, Missouri, and she is a member of the Missouri chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.

What Haven’s clients are saying…

Julian L
“Haven’s approach to bodywork is both integrative and thorough.  She is adept at combining a variety of approaches to resolve a client’s specific, expressed concerns and then weaving her work together through the use of on-table Thai massage techniques.  I walked away feeling taller and more complete.”

Kelli L
“I am your biggest fan!”

Ben G
“yes, you really helped my hip, less pain, so thanks for everything.”

Mike H
“My left foot feels much better since I saw you this morning. Thank you Haven.”

Tina N
“Thank you for being the best massage therapist in the world!!! Brad said you were one of the best he has ever had and that your attention to detail is incredible. 🙂 He said he is feeling a whole lot better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Yumi D
“You are a beautiful Goddess of Healing Light!”

Andrea B
“Best masseuse ever!”

Charlene M
“A visit with Haven is an absolute must! If I lived in Missouri I would waste zero time with any other massage therapist. Outstanding at her craft on all levels! Go see her!”

Sara E
“Thank you for the wonderful prenatal massage today. Dynamic Body is gorgeous and the room was so lovely and relaxing. You are amazing!”

Kelli L
“I just booked a massage with you online! I love being able to do that! I will be coming to see you much more now that I can just type it right up!!!”

Susan K
“Absolutely the best massage and delightful experience in every way. Haven is uniquely intuitive and every massage is exactly in tune to what my body needs… phenomenal!!”

Courtney B
“I have been going to Haven for years. I’ve tried different massage therapists all over, and I can honestly say she is truly the best in town. Her technique is flawless, and her energy and smile are warm and welcoming. She is just fantastic.”

Renee D

Judy K
“I have been getting massages bi-weekly for the last seven years and have tried several massage therapist in the area.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  I was trying to treat my pain through natural methods verses taking medications. I went to Haven when my massage therapist of three years was sick and I was in so much pain I had to get a massage.  When I visited Haven, she gave such an effective massage for my fibromyalgia, I changed therapist, even though my first therapist was awesome.  Haven is a very skilled deep massage therapist, and an honestly wonderful person!  If you need pain relief or just a nice relaxing massage, Haven is your woman!”

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