It’s interesting to see how many people are shy when it comes to telling the massage therapist very important things. So here’s a list of some things to keep in mind and use your voice when you are receiving a massage.

Important things to communicate to the therapist:

1) If it hurts. – Frequently, people will just grin and bear the pain. Sometimes the therapist might not be able to tell that it’s painful. So it’s important to communicate that information to the therapist. The goal really isn’t pain, occasionally it might be, but only temporarily and certainly not intolerable.

2) If you are uncomfortable being undraped – Most massage therapists, if they have been doing massage for a while, get totally anesthetized to nudity or partial nudity. For most therapists, it’s just skin, fat or muscle tissue. So if you feel like you are exposed, it’s up to you to communicate that to the therapist. If they are professional, then they will make sure you are draped and understand your concerns.

3) Temperature – Being cold on the table is not relaxing. Most massage therapists have blankets they can use to make sure are completely comfortable.

4) If you need to go to the bathroom – Again, because of our western-be-polite sort of society, people will hold having to go the bathroom. Believe me, massage therapists want you to go. And they will usually have a robe or some kind of way to make sure you can easily go to the bathroom and then come back to enjoy the rest of the massage.

5) If you don’t want to chat – From time to time, therapists will chat with their clients during the massage, if you don’t want to chat, that’s totally ok, just let the therapist know. The massage therapist will understand.

Those are some of the major ones. Massage therapists are really there for you. It’s your experience. So speak up, if something is bugging you, let them know. It’s ok. It’s also ok to let them know when they are doing something right as well.

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