Fall Out of Burnout

Along with colorful foliage and cooler weather, fall also brings along less daylight which can cause feelings of loss of energy or lust for life also known as burnout. Avoid the feelings of anxiety and exhaustation by dealing with your stress in a way that is conducive to healthy living.

The tricky thing about burnout is that it doesn’t announce itself, but instead sneaks up on you. The good news, however, according to a recent article in Psychology Today, is that experiencing burnout doesn’t have to affect your happiness.

Healthy Ways to Deal With Burnout

Learn to say no, and mean it. Don’t commit to any events or new activities. Of course there are going to be things you need to attend to, and events and activities you’ll want to engage in, but resist the urge to say yes to something when no is a possible answer.

Shut down your devices. It’s easy to get caught in the endless cycle of electronic devices that keep you constantly connected to friends and family, as well as the outside world. Take half a day, or a full day, to step away from your phone and computer and allow yourself to re-charge

Slow down. One of the best ways to slow down and relax is by engaging in a massage therapy treatment plan. Massage has been known to reduce anxiety and depression. Commit one hour to massage therapy during you burnout erasure program and learn what kind of benefits massage may have for you.

Get out there. Make sure you’re spending time with people you care about, and try to socialize outside of your professional group of friends, too.

Enlist a support system. Most people think of a therapeutic setting when they hear “support group,” but that doesn’t have to be the case. Finding people you can talk to about your feelings will help reduce stress and feelings of isolation, two common results of burnout.

You probably aren’t going to see immediate results, so don’t add to your frustration by expecting the problem to be solved quickly. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, and you can’t solve burnout overnight, either. What you can do is use the strategies above to get a handle on burnout before it sneaks up on you.

Source: This article was excerpted from Massage Therapy Journal® Fall 2011